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Pierce County Paralegal Services provides affordable high quality document and case preparation. Pierce County Paralegal Services can prepare your documents for divorce, child support and custody parenting plan modification.

Pierce Paralegals has over 20 years of family law experience in preparing documents, cases, discovery, and trial.

Although we provide a list of fee based services, cases are hard to always find a category of a fixed price on issues that are not in total agreement. And of course, the fixed fee prices are for some assumed similarities and have limitations on how much work can actually be done.

Motions. Between the filing of your petition and finalizing your divorce with the decree of dissolution and findings of fact, you may have a need for retraining orders or other types of temporary family orders for child support and a parenting plan. Pierce County Paralegal Services can help you properly prepare the documents and navigate the procedures whether it is for divorce, custody parenting plan modification, or child support modification cases.

When it comes time to file your documents, Pierce Paralegal Services can file them for you or give you written instructions on how to file the family law documents yourself. Many clients cannot take time off of work to file their documents, so they hire Pierce Paralegal Services to do it for them.

Need a Legal Document preparation service for assisting in family law issues such as divorce, child support, custody, visitation, parentage-paternity, or modification of existing orders? A paralegal at Pierce County Paralegal Services can help you today! See Pierce Paralegals' family law paralegal services fees.