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Parenting Plans Require a Notice of Intended Relocation

Washington State parenting plans require by law that the non custodial parent file and serve on the other parent a notice of intended relocation of the children.

Order allowing Child Relocation Documents Prepared

To get a court approved child relocation order while the action is ongoing requires obtaining an order allowing relocation.

Objecting to Child Relocation Documents Prepared

You can file an objection to relocation of a child even if the other party did not give you a copy of their notice of intent to move. In fact, it is possible to file an objection sometimes even when there currently is not a parenting plan in place.

An objection to relocation can began an action to change the parenting time allocation. Parenting time can be moved from every other weekend to more time in the summer for example.

Objection to relocation can also involve changing custody of the child, which parent the child shall reside with most of the time.

Child Relocation for Unmarried Parents Documents Prepared

Child relocation when it involves unmarried has its own host of unique legal points because often the parents never lived together, do not have a parenting plan, or both.

Child relocation can be an issue that arises during the process of a party obtaining a child support order or a parenting plan.

Child Relocation with Divorce Documents Prepared

Document preparation for those needing to file for divorce and get immediate assistance in obtaining or objecting to child relocation.

The child relocation document service with divorce has all the legal points of divorce, custody, and the 11 points addressed in relocation.

Child Relocation and Modifying Your Parenting Plan Documents Prepared

Have documents prepared to modify the parenting plan and relocate the children at the same time in one court action.

You can also have your parenting plan changed when you are the parent objecting to the relocation.

Changes can be to custody or parenting time allocation.

Children Relocation and Modifying Child Support Documents Prepared

Child support can also at times be modified because of a child relocation case. If custody changes, the receiving parent becomes the paying parent. Child support could also be modified if long distance transportation and other costs for each party would change.

Have documents prepared that modify child support and relocate the children in the same court action.

Responding to Child Relocation Documents Prepared

Respond to relocation documents served on you. It could be that you are responding to an objection, notice, or motions.

Your time to respond is limited, so getting to work on your response in a timely manner is critical.

*Agreed paperwork includes the final paperwork.

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