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Establishing Parental Custody

Divorce with children will include establishing which parent will have custody, known as  the custodial parent.

Establishing parentage can also establish which parent shall have custody of the children.

Changing Parent Custody

When there is already a parenting plan entered, modification of the parenting plan to change which parent the child resides with primarily is known as a major modification.

Major parenting plan modification changes both the parent the child will reside with primarily and the paying and receiving parent of child support.

Child Custody Modification Document Preparation Pierce County Washington State.

Relocation and Change of Custody

When a parent seeks to stop the other parent from relocating with the child, sometimes this will involve attempting to change which parent shall have custody of the child. This is started with an objection to relocation of the child.

This process is much like a major modification. An objection to relocation allows for the changing of child support along with the change of which parent the child shall reside with most of the time.

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